ONPASSIVE Showcases Cutting-Edge AI Products at GITEX Global

ONPASSIVE Technologies, a well-known global IT company, is excited to announce its first-ever participation in GITEX Global, the largest technology event worldwide, hosted in Dubai. With a keen interest in engaging with industry leaders and technology enthusiasts, ONPASSIVE aims to foster collaborations that push the boundaries of AI and technology. GITEX serves as a vital platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and innovation, and ONPASSIVE is thrilled to contribute to its dynamic atmosphere. Join us as we witness the Future of the Internet.

Mohammad Kamal, CEO of ONPASSIVE, expressed his enthusiasm about participating in GITEX, stating, “We are eager to make an exceptional impression at this year’s GITEX exhibition by showcasing our technological products. Our goal is to impress a diverse audience, including government and private entities, as well as technology enthusiasts and decision-makers, with our unparalleled quality products.”

Furthermore, Mohammad Nazzal, Chief Marketing Officer at ONPASSIVE, emphasized their mission, stating, “Through our cutting-edge technologies and products, we aim to enhance and simplify operations for enterprises of all sizes. Our focus lies in areas such as automation, digital transformation, communication channels, and business process management, all supported by the latest advancements in technology and artificial intelligence.”

Leveraging AI, ONPASSIVE Technologies is driving innovation, automation, and efficiency across various industries. Recognizing the significant impact of AI on healthcare, education, and urban planning, ONPASSIVE has developed several AI-powered products to streamline business operations for enterprises worldwide.

One of their notable creations is the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem, a revolutionary digital platform that provides access to a diverse suite of intelligent solutions through a SaaS business model. OCONNECT, their cutting-edge web conferencing platform, enables seamless virtual collaboration globally, while OTRACKER, a groundbreaking web analytics tool, utilizes advanced AI technology to provide comprehensive insights for businesses.

ONPASSIVE has also introduced upcoming products like OVERIFY, a trusted identity platform, and OPAL, an AI-driven communication tool, both designed to optimize business operations and enhance productivity. Additionally, ODESK, an innovative AI-powered CRM solution, aims to streamline essential tasks and unlock the true potential of organizations.

For more information about ONPASSIVE’s products, please visit www.onpassive.com. Join the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem now at https://ecosystem.onpassive.com/auth.