Efficiently Sharing YouTube Videos: A Guide to O-Connect

Video conferencing has become a standard practice in today’s business world, with many remote and hybrid companies utilizing this technology for internal meetings. The quality of these tools is crucial for smooth communication and productivity. In the post-pandemic era, many businesses have transitioned their meetings to virtual platforms, making it easier to include employees from various regional branches.

There are numerous video conferencing tools available, but this article will focus on a new tool developed by ONPASSIVE, known as “O-Connect“. This tool has been designed with all the necessary features to facilitate seamless and clear communication.

  • 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool, and YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform for marketers, with 89% of them planning on using it[2].
  • Video has revolutionized the delivery of information and training content, and 83% of people prefer watching videos to accessing instructional or informational content via text or audio[3].
  • Due to the benefits of video content, many employers have turned to the medium as a means of training their employees, and including YouTube videos in employee training programs can make the whole endeavor more effective[4].
  • 82% of people use YouTube as a source of entertainment, and 18% use it to specifically follow brands and companies[6].

In the current digital age, conventional meetings are being replaced by video conferencing platforms. Companies are using these platforms for various purposes such as employee training, recruitment, and team meetings. One of the key features of these platforms is the ability to share videos during webinars, which can enhance presentations or explanatory sessions. This feature facilitates the smooth flow of information among all participants, providing them with a deeper understanding of the presentation details.

O-Connect stands out with its unique feature of sharing YouTube videos during webinars. YouTube hosts countless videos on a wide range of subjects, including useful videos related to marketing and other business techniques. With O-Connect, not only can you play videos from your system during the webinar, but you can also play YouTube videos that you want to show during the session.

Sharing YouTube videos during a webinar is a unique feature of O-Connect. The presenter can share the video via YouTube and conduct an explanatory session that can engage the participants more effectively. There are times when you may want to refer to other YouTube videos during a video conference, but are unable to play them. With O-Connect, you can play those videos and have a comprehensive discussion alongside them.

In addition to this, O-Connect can also share other external sources while conducting the webinar. This feature helps make the session more engaging and interesting. In this digital era, it’s crucial to keep participants engaged and involved in webinars. Sharing videos from external sources on the platform is a smart strategy to maintain the relevance of the content and captivate the participants in the session.

O-Connect also offers other exceptional features. It includes a prompter feature, which allows you to prepare notes beforehand for a presentation. These notes will be visible only to the presenter during the presentation. Other features include a background theme selection for celebrating occasions or making big announcements, a reactions feature to express emotions in the form of emojis, a noise cancellation feature for a smooth and peaceful session, and a screen capture feature to capture special moments during the video conference.

In conclusion, a video conferencing platform like O-Connect can help you work effectively with customers and clients, regardless of their location. Video conferencing meetings have become essential for companies where employees are working from home or in a hybrid setting. O-Connect’s unique features can help you plan your next webinar with ease.

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